It is recognized as a State public institution. Its mission is to develop waterway transport of goods and passengers in the Ile-de-France region.

The Autonomous Port of Paris

The Port of Marseille, also known as the Marseille Fos Port, is one of France’s main maritime ports, and it handles both goods and passengers.

The Port of Marseille

This is famously known as port Édouard-Herriot. Lyon is a Rhone-Saone river cruise port in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region in east-central France.

The Port of Lyon

This port is the second-largest among the commercial ports of France when it comes to overall tonnage. It is also the largest container seaport in the country.

The Port of Le Havre

Also known as Port de Plaisance Deauville, it is located in the commune Deauville, on the northwestern side of France, and the English Channel’s shores.

The Port of Deauville
The Port of Brest

Brest’s port is known for offering its customers easy access at any time, deep-water docks, efficient modern equipment, and quick and effective service and quality.

This is the commercial deep-water port of La Rochelle in France. The Port of La Rochella has oil unloading equipment and mainly handles tropical wood.

The Port of La Pallice

This port was the first cable ship in Europe, the fourth-largest port in France, and it is the largest for passenger traffic.

The Port of Calais

This is situated on the River Touques, along the Boulevard Fernand Moureaux and downstream from the Pont des Belges in France.

The Trouveille-Sur-Mer Port

This is the most prominent French river port and the largest port in the Ile-de-France, located in the commune of Gennevilliers.

The Port of Gennevilliers
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