Who built the Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal was built by the United States of America, but very few know that work was in fact started by the French.

The 1st vessel to cross the Canal

As per records available, the first ship to cross Panama Canal was SS Ancon. She was an American flag cargo and passenger ship.

Time saved by crossing the Canal

The Panama Canal has reduced the sailing distance from Atlantic to Pacific and vice versa by a huge 8000 nautical miles.

Cost to transit the Panama Canal

Cargo ships pay an average of $188,000 per transit, though some crossing fees rise as high as $1 million.

Purpose of the locks at the Panama Canal

The main purpose of these locks is to ensure that Gatun lake does not flow outwards to the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean.

Maximum draft allowed to transit

As of year 2018, maximum draft for Panamax locks is 12.04 meters (39 feet 6 inches) Tropical Fresh Water (TFW).

Pre-arrival prep before transiting

Canal transit should be booked via the agent, who would also send the list of pre-arrival documents. required for clearance upon arrival.

Navigation in Panama Canal

Navigating the Panama Canal can be challenging. The responsibility for safe navigation lies with ship's master and crew.

Competitors of the Panama Canal

If the Nicaragua Canal project becomes a reality, it may give Panama Canal a serious competition.

Honorary Pilots

Panama Canal Authority (ACP) appoints few honorary pilots, generally masters, who have successfully completed 100 transits through Panama Canal.

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