Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

Popularly known as Grand Canal, the Beijing–Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest and the oldest canal in the world.

Suez Canal

Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway and is a crucial shipping canal in the world maritime sector.

Panama Canal

One of the major artificial waterways in the world, Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal is considered to be the deepest canal in the world.

The White Sea-Baltic Sea Canal

The White Sea Canal, is an important waterway that regularizes traffic internally along the Russian waterways.

Rhine-Main-Danube Canal

This Canal is a major marine transportation gateway linking the North Sea to the Black Sea, via the Atlantic Ocean.

Volga-Don Canal

The Volga-Don ship canal interlinks the Russian rivers Volga and Don, providing an important water passage.

Kiel Canal

Connecting the Baltic Sea with the North Sea, the Kiel Canal passes through the German province of Schleswig-Holstein.

Houston Ship Canal

The 50-mile Houston Ship Channel is a vital waterway in the United States.

Danube-Black Sea Canal

The Danube-Black Sea conduit is yet another important passage in the western European region.

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