The Gulf of Mexico is one of the largest and oldest water bodies on Earth.

Fact 1

The Gulf is a famous diving destination due to its large coral reefs.

Fact 2

The common plants that are found in the region include seagrasses, algae, mangroves, and marsh plants. 

Fact 3

The Gulf has several oil and petroleum rigs dotting its waters.

Fact 4

The Gulf was a thriving trade route prior to the discovery of the Americas by the Europeans.

Fact 5

The area is filled with shipwrecks dating to several centuries.

Fact 6

The Gulf has a “Hot Tub or Jacuzzi of Despair” in its depths.

Fact 7

The Gulf has high levels of pollution, reaching record levels in recent times.

Fact 8

The Gulf is also a premium shipping route that connects several countries.

Fact 9

The Gulf is a hotspot for annual hurricanes along its coastline.

Fact 10
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