1. The Ocean GreatWhite

Hyundai Heavy Industries delivered the Ocean GreatWhite, the largest semi-submersible drilling rig, to Diamond Offshore in 2016.

2. Scarabeo 9

Scarabeo 9, owned by Saipem, is a massive sixth-generation ultra-deepwater rig capable of drilling at depths of 12,000 feet.

3. Deepwater Nautilus

Deepwater Nautilus, a Transocean-owned semi-sub, set a water-depth record of 7,785 feet in the Gulf of Mexico and discovered oil in the Great White field.

4. Deepsea Aberdeen

Deepsea Aberdeen, constructed by Daewoo Shipbuilding, is a highly efficient rig with a maximum drilling depth capacity of 40,000 feet.

5. Hercules

Hercules, a 6th generation semi-sub, is designed for harsh environments and can operate in the freezing Barents Sea.

6. Sevan Louisiana

Sevan Louisiana, a Sevan 650 DP semi-sub, was built in 2013 and operates with 8 thrusters in water depths up to 3,048 meters.

7. Island Innovator

Island Innovator, owned by Island Drilling Company, is known for its operational advantage and ability to operate in harsh environments.

8. Atlantic Star

Atlantic Star, originally built in 1976, was upgraded in 2011 and has a drilling depth capacity of up to 21,320 feet.

9. Norbe VI

Norbe VI, built-in 2010 by Gulf Piping, can operate at a water depth of up to 7,874 feet and drill wells up to 24,606 feet.

10. Hai Yang Shi You 981

Hai Yang Shi You 981, operated by China National Offshore Oil Corporation, is the world's first rig designed for harsh environments in the South China Sea.

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