Qmax Ships

Qmax Ships are operated by Qatar Gas, and are the biggest in the world, 

QFlex Ships

The QFlex ships’ fleet operated by Qatar Gas comprises the second-biggest LNG carriers in the world.

Gail Bhuwan

Gail Bhuwan was manufactured in 2021, by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.

Velikiy Novgorod
& Pskov

Velikiy Novgorod and Pskov are the third-largest LNG carriers in the world.

British Partner

It is the biggest gas carrier that the shipping corporation has owned or operated till now.


Aseem is a traditional LNG tanker operated by Qatar Gas, and is currently under the flagship of Malta.

Ob River &
Amur River

The LNG tanker OB River was constructed in 2007 by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. LTD in South Korea.

Arctic Princess
& Arctic Lady

The Arctic Princess and the Arctic Lady are one the largest in the world.

Arctic Discoverer

The LNG carrier Arctic Discoverer was constructed in 2006, and is owned by K-Line LNG Shipping UK.

Al Khaznah

The LNG carrier Al Khaznah was constructed in 1994 and is sailing under the Liberian flag.

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