Where is

The Atlantis was a large island located near the Rock of Gibraltar, which is believed to have sunk into the sea after an earthquake or a tsunami.

 Size of the
Giant City

In many stories after Plato’s era, the Atlantis was described as a giant city, missing anything specific about the size of the city.

Tale of
God's Love

Legend says that the Atlantis city was built by Poseidon, when he fell in love with a mortal woman, Cleito.

'Captivation' Palace

The new home built by Poseidon for his love in the City of Atlantis was surrounded by rings of water and land.

The Golden Statue of Poseidon

The 10 sons built a huge temple for their father with a giant statue of Poseidon riding a chariot carried by winged horses.

The Self-sufficient and Rich City

This city is believed to have been a self-sufficient region where people grew their own food and reared animals.

Rising Of Atlantis

Edgar Cayce believed in the rising of the lost city once again like ‘the sun rises from the sea’.

Atlantis’ Terrestrial Connection

The original inhabitants of the lost city of Atlantis are believed to be of extra-terrestrial origin who had reached there 50,000 years ago.

Exceptional Powers of Atlanteans

The inhabitants of the Atlantis city are believed to have exceptional powers such as the ability to control the weather, modify volcanic eruptions.

A Fable Based on Real Events?

There are many conspiracy theories doing the rounds suggesting that the fable is actually based on real events.