Baltic climate shows cold winters that are long and warm summers that are relatively shorter.

fact 1

The Baltic Sea has remarkably fresh water. The lesser concentration of salt in the seawater is also reflected in the hydrology of the Baltic Sea.

fact 2

The Baltic remains untouched from the influence of tidal currents. 

fact 3

The northern coast of the Baltic shows contrasting features compared to its southern coast.

fact 4

The Baltic Sea is relatively younger in comparison to other seas.

fact 5

The Baltic Sea has been vital from the standpoint of economic aspects in the region around it in the past.

fact 6

Fishing and exploration of hydrocarbons are as much popular in the Baltic as the other aspects of the sea.

fact 7

The Baltic is a major spot for tourism that attracts several tourists every year. 

fact 8

The majority of wars of World War I were fought on this sea.

fact 9

The Baltic Sea houses freshwater as well as marine fauna.

fact 10
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