Watch: World’s Largest Sailing Ship – Her Majesty Flying Clipper

The ship, Her Majesty Flying Clipper, is 162 meters long and 18.5 meters wide, with a deadweight of 2000 tons will have five masts and sails with the overall surface of 6.347 square meters. The type of clipper sailing boat with such sail-plan is called Bark. Hull 483 has five decks, with accommodation for 450 persons, 300 passengers in 150 luxury cabins, and 74 crew cabins for 150 crew members.

Her Majesty Flying Clipper _ largest sailing ship
Image Credits: brodosplit22 – YouTube

It will be decorated in a luxury-style, but with style and atmosphere reminding of old sailing boats, there will be a library, large salons, one of which will extend over three decks with rails and piano. The most state of the art navigation and communication equipment will be installed on the clipper, each cabin will have Internet access, telephone, television, music, and other entertainment facilities, the entire ship will be covered with Wi-Fi signal. There will be three bars on the open decks and galley extending over three decks. Air conditioning on the ship will be executed in accordance with high-quality standards in order to satisfy the comfort of passengers in all climate conditions.

A marine platform that is at the stern is equipped with the mechanism for opening and lowering the sea level so that the passengers will have the direct sea access. The ship has steel construction while the deck will be fully covered by the highest quality teak.

Image Credits: brodosplit22 – YouTube

Three swimming pools with fresh or sea water and underwater lights, heating, and bubbles are on the ship as well. One of the pools would be used for diving, 50 cubic meters of water will be the volume of the largest swimming pool.

The added value of the boat sails, which, besides the crew, can be managed by the passengers themselves, which is the originality of the Star Clippers fleet of ships. Although it has two fully independent electric propulsion engines, the boat is primarily intended for sailing and over 80% of the operation is carried out in sailing.

Her Majesty Flying Clipper _ largest sailing ship
Image Credits: brodosplit22 – YouTube

It has the Safe Return to Port system that is installed in Croatia for the first time. This is a novelty in the Croatian market and there have been new standards for increased safety of passenger ships, passengers and crew since 2010. This system actually means that all key equipment on the ship is duplicated therefore there are two engine rooms built with all electric energy and water supply plants and all fuel and oil systems with the additional bridge. Everything is literally doubled on the ship so that in the case of any defect, fire or flooding of any space or zone on the ship, the ship will be able to return safely to port from the distance of almost 2000 NM which is the farthest point from land to sea.

It is planned that the ship will be able to sail in all seas of the world, even in the Arctic and Antarctic regions so it is built to comply with Ice Class Requirements. The ship’s speed with the sails will be about 16 knots, and it is envisaged that it will be able to navigate up to 20 knots under the favorable weather conditions and operated by the capable crew. It will navigate at 16 knots of speed powered by its two engines, it has pitch propellers, bow thruster and two rudders enabling it with extreme maneuvering abilities. There will be four lifeboats that will be used as tender boats for transport of passengers to smaller ports or beaches, eight rafts, four sports boats, and two smaller boats.


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