Watch: World’s Biggest Container Ship CSCL Globe On Its Maiden Call At the Port of Felixstowe

Watch the world’s biggest container ship – CSCL Globe on its maiden call, coming alongside at the Port of Felixstowe.

CSCL GLOBE is the first one of the five 19100ETU vessels that China Shipping ordered from Hyundai Shipyard. With a length of 400 meters, width of 60 meters, the vessel is bigger than four standard football fields. Being called the “A380 in Shipping Industry”, CSCL GLOBE significantly increases the brand influence of China Shipping.

The world’s largest ship embodies the outstanding features in terms of fuel consumption. It saves 20% of fuel compared to the normal 10000 TEU vessels.

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  1. What a ship it was great to see it come into the port an awesome sight and handled to perfection well done to all those involved
    It is a pity we as a nation can not send as much back out

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