Watch: US Coast Guard Airlifts Fishermen From Disabled Vessel In Gulf Of Alaska

A stunning video emerged on YouTube showed the US Coast Guard airlifting crew members from a disabled fishing vessel in heavy seas in the Gulf of Alaska.

The search and rescue mission in the bad weather, as seen in the video, was carried out in response to a request for assistance from the fishing vessel Lady Gudny, which went adrift after running out of fuel filters in the water 230 miles east of Kodiak.

A Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk crew was dispatched to the scene immediately after the alert and the team airlifted and moved the crew members to Air Station Kodiak in good health. Reports said the crew also attempted to deliver extra fuel filters for the vessel but rough seas prevented the Coast Guard’s effort.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard cutter Spar, a 225-foot seagoing buoytender, was also reached on scene to take the drifting fishing vessel under tow. However, the towline reportedly parted and became entangled in its propeller, leaving the cutter adrift as well.

The Coast Guard later sent cutters Douglas Munro, Hickory and Alex Haley to help Spar and also put cutters Sycamore and Mapleon standby during the rescue mission. In addition, Coast Guard had also requested help from the commercial towing vessel Anna-T for bringing Spar back to Kodiak.

On the other hand, another commercial tug, the Chahunta, was in charge to retrieve th fishing vessel Lady Gudny, reports said.

Weather on scene was reported as 20’-22’ seas with 49-mph winds, however, no water pollution or injuries have been reported from the scene.

Commenting on the rescue mission, chief of the 17th District Command Center, Lt. Cmdr. Orion Bloom said this is a testament to the difficulties of operating in Alaska’s extreme ocean environment.

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