Watch: Ukraine Strikes Russian Landing Ship With Kamikaze USV

On 4th August 2023, a Russian Ropucha I-class landing ship was seen being towed by two tugs due to the damages it sustained after an attack by Ukraine’s unmanned Kamikaze USV.

Video Credits: The Sun

A retired Russian Navy officer from Sevastopol first shared the video of the ship on Twitter, which showed that the damaged vessel was being towed.

The ship was Project 775/Ropucha I-class large landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak (SDK-91).

The vessel sustained considerable damage on the port side, which caused it to roll over 40 to 50 degrees to the port side. No smoke was seen from the ship rolling out the possibility of a blast or onboard explosion.

Ukraine began using kamikaze USVs in the 2022 autumn, with the first attack on 29th October 2022. It came as a surprise for Moscow as this was not something they had expected. An Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate and mine countermeasure ship were hit by the Ukrainian USV.

After this attack, Ukraine also targeted Sevastopol Naval Bse, Kerch Bridge and numerous Russian units in the Black Sea region. While the initial attacks were successful, Russia then repelled the latter attacks with machine guns.

Although experts believe Russia is re-strategising and learning from past mistakes, Ukraine is not behind in defending itself and asserting its rights in the region, evident by the significant damage caused to a Russian Landing Ship, a vital part of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

Reference: naval news

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