Watch: The Largest Wooden Sailing Vessel To Visit Jersey

Götheborg of Sweden is set to make a brilliant appearance at the Barclays Jersey Boat Show, typically held between April 29 and May 1.

It will be the first time the vessel – a replica of an 18th-century East India Company Swedish vessel that sunk off Gothenburg in 1745 – has come to visit the Island. She is going to be moored for the show alongside Albert Pier. Harbormaster Bill Sadler mentioned that he was pleasantly ‘delighted’ to welcome the ‘unique vessel’ to the boat show.

The show attracts over 30,000 guests, and Götheborg will be one of the key attractions. The vessel is set to welcome visitors and offer an extraordinary chance to glimpse what life looked like for an 18th-century sailor, explained Sadler.

The director of the Götheborg expedition, Kristoffer Bennis, reportedly said the boat’s crew was keen on a visit to the Channel Islands.

The replica ship was reportedly launched about 20 years after a 10-year building assignment, and the Boat Show will be the third stopover on the 2023 European Tour.

The ship is expected to arrive on sailing via the Straits of Gibraltar, along the coast of Portugal, and across the Bay of Biscay. After stopping in Jersey, Götheborg is heading north toward the home port at Gothenburg.

Last year, the vessel made 13 stops in 11 countries across Europe. Over 60,000 people visited the ship, and 500 individuals served onboard as deckhands.

References: Jersey Evening Post, Soleil Radio

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