Watch: Six Months At Sea In The Merchant Marine

In this short documentary, Martin Machado tried to answer some of the common questions that he usually gets about shipping. “The footage is taken by Martin himself using fairly basic cameras that could fit in his pocket while he was on the job as a deckhand.

The story follows him on a six month journey around the world on a container ship which was on a run between New York and Singapore via the Suez Canal.

Martin has provided a great insight into the life of merchant marine, debunking some of the common myths people have about the profession and how it has been misconstrued by many around the world. For someone who is interested in this great field and wants more information on the career, we have listed down some interesting articles:

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8 Myths To Be Cleared Before Joining Merchant Navy

10 Common Questions Asked By Aspiring Merchant Navy Professionals

Special thanks to Martin Machado for making this great video.

Reference: Martin Machando / Youtube

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  1. it this video shoot on the container vessel named as MV Soul Of Luck of Victoria Oceanways?

  2. Is this video was shot on the container vessel named as MV Soul Of Luck of Victoria Oceanways?

  3. Congratulation for a very nice short film, I’m a second mate for 16 years now, Me and my wife watched your film and we love your simplicity and honestly… thank you very much for taking some time to share your experience at sea.

  4. Thank you for giving us an insight into your private life, Martin, It is very interesting. I wish you all the best for the future. I have no doubt that you will long for the sea again very soon.

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