Watch: Shipping A Yacht In A Ro-Ro Vessel

When Complete Marine Freight, a specialist in yacht transportation services, was asked to transport a yacht from Barcelona to Auckland they turned to Höegh Autoliners to provide the ocean transportation of the cargo.

The yacht itself had a height of 4.35 meters and when placed in its specially designed cradle on top of a roll trailer, the unit reached a total height of 5.15 meters. This required a vessel with a high door clearance, something that Höegh Autoliners’ New Horizon vessels could supply. The Höegh Trapper has a door height of 6.5 meters and trading in the direct service between Europe and Oceania, it showed a perfect fit to the customer’s requirements.

The spectacular yacht, sailed in to Barcelona and needed to be lifted from the sea before it could be loaded on board the vessel. The whole operation required specialist cargo handling and a team of divers, which Höegh Autoliners coordinated.

To be able to lift the yacht out of the water, the divers put slings at important points around the boat whilst in the water. Thereafter, two cranes worked in tandem to lift the 18 tonne yacht on to a 62 foot rolltrailer with a metal cradle on top. The cradle was specially made for the yacht by its charterer, to ensure that it would be positioned safely during its entire sea transportation.


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