Watch: Russia Launches Head Icebreaker Of 23550 Project ‘Ivan Papanin’

In St. Petersburg, the head icebreaker of the 23550 project “Ivan Papanin” was launched. The ceremony was held at the shipyard of the Admiralty Shipyards. Shipyard “Admiralty Shipyards” launched an ice class patrol ship of the 23550 project “Ivan Papanin”.

The vessel is the lead in a series of two vessels ordered by the Ministry of Defense. The second icebreaker of this project is planned to be laid next year.

The ice class patrol ships (combat icebreakers) of the 23550 project were developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau (CMKB) as a replacement for the military icebreakers of the 21180 project, through which only one icebreaker, Ilya Muromets, was built and handed over to the fleet.

Russia Launches Head Icebreaker Of 23550 Project 'Ivan Papanin' In St. Petersburg (1)
Image Credits: Military news of Russia and the world – Youtube

The vessel is capable of performing the tasks of a tugboat, patrol ship and an icebreaker. The ship is intended for the protection and monitoring of water resources in difficult ice conditions, escorting and towing detained vessels to the port, escorting and supporting support vessels, participating in rescue operations, transporting special cargoes.

The icebreaker is capable of speeds up to 18 knots. Displacement – about 8500 tons, length – over 100 m, width – about 20 m, sailing autonomy – about 70 days. Cruising range – 10 thousand nautical miles. An icebreaker can cross ice fields up to 1,7 meters thick.

The ship is armed with AK-176MA automatic artillery and is equipped with a caliber launcher for cruise missiles. In addition, one multi-purpose helicopter will be based on the ship. Subscribe to the channel and like.

Reference: Military news of Russia and the world – Youtube

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