Watch: Passengers Sick And Terrified As Storm Floods Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship

A cruise ship nightmare came to life when rough coastal storms struck the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship over the weekend, flooding its decks and hallways and leaving passengers vomiting and terrified. The ship’s return to the port was also delayed due to the rough weather.


Per Fox Weather, a powerful storm off the southeastern coast of the United States hit the cruise ship returning to Charleston from a weekend trip to the Bahamas. The storm was accompanied by huge waves, heavy rains and strong winds that hit the ship with their mighty force.

“You could smell people being sick walking down the halls,” one passenger told the Daily Mail.

A crew member said that, fortunately, all passengers were safe during the incident. It was mentioned that some crew and guests required medical assistance onboard during the storm, but casualties were prevented. The weather delayed their arrival on Sunday, so the ship’s next voyage was also delayed.

Some guests were more frustrated than others. Sharon Tutrone, professor at Coastal Carolina University and a passenger onboard the Carnival Sunshine, tweeted, “We didn’t wait it out. We sailed right into [the storm] and spent 11 hours pitching, diving, and rolling,”

“We were surrounded by lightning, and the ship took a huge hit by a wave and sounded like it split in two.”

Pictures shared online by passengers show water gushing down the hallways and stairwells. The shops on the ship looked like they were ransacked by wind and rain.

Another passenger Daniel Taylor stated that he went to an onboard venue to enjoy a show when the captain announced that they would be travelling through rough weather.


He said he could hear the sound of the ship hitting huge swells over the music, and it was scary.

“Stage lights mounted on the ceiling began to shake, the disco ball started swinging, and the LED wall on the stage,” which he estimated to be approximately 20ft wide and 3 feet tall, “began rolling side by side on its own.”

On the evening of Friday, by 8 pm, the crew began to evacuate the public decks, and between Friday and Saturday, the passengers lost their internet connections which terrified them more.

At 7:30 am the next day, the cruise director said the ship finally reached the harbour but was waiting to dock. It finally docked at 5:30 pm on Saturday, around 9 hours past its original schedule.

Reference: cbsnews, businessinsider, independent

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