Watch: New Footage Of The Titanic In The Highest Quality Ever Seen

A specialized expedition team has managed to capture Titanic’s highest quality footage. The largest passenger liner to, unfortunately, sink back in 1912 on her maiden voyage.

The footage is the world’s first 8K video clip of the underwater wreck. It reflects “amazing details” that are expected to aid marine archaeologists in studying further the rate of decay of the Titanic, mentioned Stockton Rush, OceanGate Expeditions’ President, the organization leading the expedition.

It will also help scientists identify sea life thriving around and within the shipwreck that now lies at a depth of almost 12,500 feet, per a press release.

Video Credits: OceanGate Expeditions / YouTube

The “unsinkable” vessel

The Titanic 2022 Expedition team’s footage has led to specialists discovering some jaw-dropping, unseen details regarding the doomed iconic luxury liner.

For instance, the anchor maker’s name, Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd., on the portside anchor was unseen to Rory Golden, a Titanic specialist at OceanGate Expeditions, according to the press release.

Golden continued that he had studied the wreck for decades and completed several dives. He cannot recall noticing any other images that show such a level of detail.

Golden said one of the clips in the footage shows how a single-ended boiler fell to the ocean floor when the Titanic split into two. Notably, one of the single-ended boilers was seen first when the wreck of the Titanic was discovered in 1985.

Of the 2,240 crew members and passengers on the Titanic, over 1,500 reportedly lost their lives when the gigantic ship hit an iceberg in the mid-Atlantic.

Reports, later on, reportedly speculated that it had taken about six minutes for the bow, likely travelling at about 30 miles an hour, to get to the bottom of the ocean, where it had laid for 110 long years. The information was sourced from Britannica.

Built at Belfast’s Harland & Wolff shipyard, the 882.5-feet-long vessel, the Titanic, was the largest ship. It boasted a series of compartment doors that would be closed if the bow would be breached and was thought to be unsinkable, mentioned

Other important details, including the crane used to deploy a 15-ton anchor and a shackle attached to the vessel’s main mast, are also seen in the footage.

The video also shows three round structures along the inside railing, stated PH Nargeolet, a veteran Titanic diver, per the press release.

The footage shows some small green lights emerging from the laser scaling system, which permitted the expedition group to work out the size of objects they were viewing via cameras and the primary viewport of the submersible.

The Titan, with five crew members, is until now the only deep-diving submersible in the world to be made of carbon fibre. A spokesperson associated with OceanGate Expeditions told the Insider that the firm collaborated with NASA to engineer and design it.

With the Titanic Expedition done in 2022, OceanGate Expeditions is planning for its next trip to visit the wreck. It is going to embark in 2023 around May to capture new footage.

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