Watch: Mesmerising Video Of The Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker In Extreme Weather Conditions

In this video, shot in March 2018, you can see the nuclear Icebreaker ship Yamal crossing the Arctic Ocean and another Russian icebreaker, the 50 Years Of Victory.

Currently, Russia is the sole owner and possessor of a nuclear-powered icebreaker fleet worldwide. These vessels provide wiring vessels plying in the North Sea Route in the freezing ports and harbours of the Russian region, along with research expedition ships, rescue operations and cruise ships.

Yamal has a capacity of 75,000 horsepower and a unique shark mouth that appeared on the vessel in 1994 while on a children’s humanitarian programme.

Video Credits: Timelab Pro

According to some people, someone suggested drawing the smiling shark face on its nose to make it fun for the children.

For a week, the crew crossed the Barents Sea to Karsky around the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. They enjoyed the beautiful, mesmerising views of the northern lights, popularly called aurora Borealis and polar bears and penguins. They also watched other ships stuck in thick ice being towed away.

Apart from the harsh weather and extreme cold, the shooting of this video was complicated as the icebreaker was always moving. Hence, if the drone flew over the radar tower, the recording was of poor quality and had to be retaken.

Reference: Youtube

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