Watch: Loading A Big Vessel Using Gantry Crane In Port Of Antwerp

The responsibility of operating container cranes are challenging and exciting at the same time. Similarly, the process of loading intermodal containers to ships using the heavy cranes also offers a splendid view to spectators.

A cabin view video filmed with a joystick camera shows the operation of a STS Gantry crane in the Belgium’s Port of Antwerp, revealing the way an operator controls the machine to load the containers in a perfect method.
The spectacular footage, uploaded on YouTube by Joris Cleiren, shows the Gantry crane loading a container vessel with containers in the port, after lifting those heaviest loads from trucks in the terminal.

The movement of operator’s hands reveal how important is the pace and coordination in the process. The operator moves his hands swiftly on the gear, operating the giant machine as simple as possible.

Gantry crane, also known as portal crane, is one of the heavy cranes used in ports to load containers on and off ships.

The machine lifts object by a hoist that equipped on a hoist trolley and moves horizontally on a rail or pair of rails fitted under a bean. Known for its capacity to lift very heavy weighing objects, the Gantry crane is often used in shipbuilding.

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