Watch: Helicopter Removing Tankar’s Lighthouse Old Radar

Meritaito worked with the Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Defense Forces to remove Tankari’s old radar. The radar engine has been out of service for several years now, due to the new and modern VTS mast nearby. With the removal of the old mast, Tankar’s lighthouse was also returned to its original condition.

Tankar's lighthouse
Image Credits: SeaHow by Meritaito – Youtube

The oceans were also responsible for the pre-requisites required to remove the radar debris, the mast work required for the helicopter pick-up, the recycling of demolition waste and the safety planning of the works. Working high and helicopter-driven strong winds brought their own challenges to the project. We always guarantee the risks associated with our projects in all respects so that we can work without endangering safety.

Meritaito wants to be the most competent partner in acquiring water services, which includes a wide range of fairway and marine measurement products designed to promote fluidity and environmental safety in waterways. It specialize in marine metering, road design, hydraulic engineering, fairway management, use and maintenance of channels, oil spill, and the production of signposts and buoys.

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