Watch: A Frozen Ice-Covered Ship Arrives In Duluth Port

Watch barge-tug combo Great Lakes Trader-Joyce L. VanEnkevort reaching Duluth, offering onlookers at the port city an entirely different view – An ice-shrouded ship, with a lot of ice in its cargo space.

Ice Covered Ship
Image Credits: Dennis O’Hara – Youtube

The vessel made its way along the Duluth ship canal in the early morning, crossing the freezing water, to arrive at the port to pick up a load of iron ore pellets, Duluth News Tribune reported.

However, the big boat appeared as ice-coated as the below-zero temperature in the Lake Superior left the ship covered with ice.The Great Lakes Trader, anyway, warmed up to about zero in Canal when it arrived at the port.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperate in Duluth remains in the single digits and below zero mostly in these days and the cold weather is expected to continue through much of the week ahead.

The arrival of Great Lakes Trader-Joyce L. VanEnkevort was filmed by local photographer Dennis O’Hara and this rare video of the ice-shrouded ship has apparently become one of his popular uploads on YouTube.

In addition to Lake Superior, the process, dubbed as Operation Taconite, will also cover St. Mary’s River,and Lake Michigan and the Straits of Mackinac, the Coast Guard stated.

Reference: Dennis O’Hara – Youtube

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