Watch: Drone Video Of “Drug-Smuggling” Ship MV Voici Bernadette Sinking

In a plot straight out of a Hollywood movie, a drug-smuggling freighter was endowed with a fresh life after being sunk to form an artificial reef in the waters of Florida, USA.

Built-in 1965, Voici Bernadetta had been previously seized in Miami by the U.S Customs and Border Protection during a drug bust in 2018.

From A Drug Smuggling Freighter to an Artificial Reef-Watch the Transformation of MV Voici Bernadette
Image Credits: Josh Dugan – YouTube

The move to sink the vessel was a part of a widespread attempt by the local government, as well as other organizations to promote reefing projects, keeping in mind the tourism opportunities they bring, in addition to the wildlife habitat promoted.

The move has been backed by diving groups, as well as Florida’s seaside municipalities. Moreover, the move is well in line with Florida’s historic love for intentionally sunk warships and merchant vessels, as well as diving, which includes aircraft carriers such as USS Oriskany and USS Spiegel Grove, an amphibious vessel.

In total, Florida harbours around 3,300 artificial reefs, with the numbers increasing every year.

From Drug Smuggling Freighter To An Artificial Reef - Watch The Transformation Of MV Voici Bernadette
Image Credits: Josh Dugan – YouTube

Florida has one of the best diving destinations on earth, with most being primarily based out in the wrecks of the Florida key. The industry is facilitated by the crystal clear waters of the region, with visibility in most cases reaching the limits of human vision.

In the stunning video captured by a drone, we see the Voici Bernadette being sunk after being laden with weight. It is being escorted by two tugboats to the place of its final residence, before being sunk as part of the original plan.

Her stability was reduced by the crew with the adjacent ships pumping in water into her hull. Aided by the penetrations in her hull, made specifically to facilitate the sinking, the ship can be seen tilting in the port side, and consequently sinking deep into the waters.

Reference: | Video Credits: Josh Dugan – YouTube

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