Watch: Drone Captures Aerial View of Costa Concordia Wreck Removal

As a convoy of 14 vessels, led by the tug boat Blizzard, starts to tow the Concordia to a port near Genoa in northern Italy where it is due to arrive on Sunday, before being broken up for scrap, a drone captures the vessel’s final journey. 

Watch the ariel view of the vessel on its way to the final destination.

Reference: Francesco Marinari

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Sea marks are physical indicators used as navigational aids and references for various purposes. They serve as guides by marking hazardous areas, indicating high maritime traffic zones, and identifying safe and navigable areas.

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  1. Wreck-removal and refloating operation is successfully. A Wreck-removal and refloating operation is engineering marvel. Professional Salvors Titan Salvage and Italian Micoperi assist companies and other organizations have been successful in the implementation of the system. The second part of the Towage operation, towage plan implementation of the operation and the result is a whole C Concordia two powerful tugboats and tugboat in the Towageand or Escort with active or passive safety Harbor/Place of refuge , we see the course of the service. Wreck removal refloating and Heavy important Towage operation and people who have been in operation for 40 years in the service I want to state my satisfaction. Everyone get past God bless you all humanity and Marines.
    All the Best
    Marine Salvage Master and Arbitration Expert ( Expert Witness)

  2. Being a Master Mariner and running a Maritime academy I have been following the accident of MV Costa Concordia from the day it happenened on 12th Jan 2012 till date when it is being towed away to its final destination the scrapyard. Like we humans all die likewise most ships after seving its lifetime goes to a scrapyard, unless ofcourse like Titanic they sink. Very unfortunate such a grand ship had such a short life of being in service. I admire the designers for building such a vessel and equally admire the salvage operators to reflaot the vessel and now to tow her to her final destination
    Best wishes to all who have helped in this great endevour
    Capt Arnab Sen

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