Watch: Crew Members Tie Ball To Thread And Play Cricket On A Moving Ship

In a display of creativity and love for the game, a group of sailors on a ship found an ingenious way to enjoy cricket even in the middle of an ocean. 

These crew members devised an innovative jugaad (a Hindi term meaning a makeshift solution) to play cricket without losing the ball to the expansive sea.

The unique spectacle was caught in a video that went viral and has been making rounds on social media. 

In this video, men can be seen playing cricket on a ship’s deck in the middle of nowhere, completely surrounded by water. To prevent the ball from falling into the sea when someone hits a big shot, the crew devised a solution.

They tied the ball to a long sturdy thread, effectively tethering it to the vessel’s deck. The thread allowed the ball to move freely within the range, giving them a chance to play the game without losing the ball.

The video shows how the players adapt to accommodate the limitations imposed by the ship. It portrays that we can surely make the most out of any and every situation if we truly want to!

Social media users have been thrilled by this approach, and the video has received many likes, comments and shares. 

The hashtag #CricketAtSea is trending as cricket fans marvel at the determination and resourcefulness of the sailors.

Reference: SportsTiger, Indiatimes

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