Watch: Collision Of Container Ships Collision At Nansha Port

On 26th December, two container ships, REN JIAN 15 and HAI SU 10 collided at Nansha Port, Longxue Island Container Terminal, Guangzhou, China.

According to reports,  Container ship REN JIAN 15 went out of control while manoeuvring and hit berthed container ship HAI SU 10, striking her starboard and inflicting serious damages.

Container ship HAI SU 10 jolted and listed, containers fell onto pier, hull was breached with ensuing water ingress.

Bow of container ship REN JIAN 15 bow was also damaged, but no information has yet received on the extent of damages.

No casualties or injures have yet been reported. Situation was taken under control after Emergency and Maritime SAR teams were deployed, powerful pumps fitted, to avoid disastrous consequences.

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