Watch: Capsized Container Ship Loses Containers During Rescue

Rescue of an overturned container ship at Tan Cang-Hiep Phuoc Port

At noon of April 26, a local news source at Hiep Phuoc Port said that the competent forces were urgently rescuing the overturned container ship at this port.

According to a source from the scene, around 8 o’clock on the same day, the Mongolian container ship ALICA ULAANBAATAR with a tonnage of 2,470 tons, carrying 54 containers while anchored at the wharf, suddenly overturned.

The flip caused 18 containers of cargo to fall into the Soai Rap River. Onboard at this time there were 10 crew members from Indonesia, India and Malaysia, but fortunately, there were no casualties. It is known that the ALICA ship is about to journey to Indonesia.

Reference: Tran Minh Trung – YouTube

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