Watch: Border Guard & Local People Rescue Vessel Caught In High Turf In Vietnam

After reports of cargo ships sinking and grounding in the East China Sea and Japan, there is fresh trouble along the Asia Pacific coast with news of a Vietnamese cargo vessel getting stranded in the high surf. 

The 2009 built cargo ship Hoang Gia 46 washed ashore after it got caught in a storm along the Vietnamese coast on January 26. The 261 ft long ship had 2715 tons of rice and 11 crew members onboard when the incident happened. 

The 3000 dwt vessel was travelling to Haiphong at the time. Local television reports reveal that the hull has suffered some damage due to the storm. The punctured hull grounded the ship as it lost power and got caught in high turf.

Click on the link to see video . Source: Quang Ngai TV

It landed in the Sa Huynh region in Central Vietnam. 

The Border Guard, with the help of the local people, formed a rescue team after the call for assistance from the ship’s captain. People wearing life jackets swam from the ship to the shore as the Border Guard revealed that the crew was saved. 

A Thuy Nguyen District headquartered company Hoang Gia Transport Company, is the owner of the ship.  

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