Watch: Barge Carrier Towed To Safety After Drifting Close To Shore Off Norway

A 263-meter barge carrier was earlier rescued from a dangerous situation on the Norwegian coastline after the vessel dragged anchor due to engine failure and was in danger of going aground.

The Comoros-flagged Tide Carrier was towed to safety with the help of Norwegian Rescue Coordination Centre and was later anchored south of Bergen, Norway.

Tide Carrier
Image Credits: Hovedredningssentralen – Youtube

Reports said the vessel moved dangerously close to rocky shores of Feistein Fyr in the bad weather, reaching within 100 meters shore at one point of time.

The vessel was carrying twenty crew members on board when it met with the incident and one crew member suffered minor leg injury. Meanwhile, during the rescue mission, five non-essential personnel were evacuated while the remaining helped prepare the ship for towing.

Fortunately, no other serious injuries or water pollution were not reported.

The local authorities had sent tugs and rescue boats immediately after the alert, but the attempt to to attach the towing lines failed initially as high waves and strong winds with rain hampered the operation.

However, the tugs were successful in attaching the line to the barge carrier later and the the stricken ship was pulled free from the shallow water by Norwegian tug BB Server. Reports said the coast guard patrol vessels KV Bergen, KV Sortland and KV Tor were also part of the rescue mission.

The local authorities launched an investigation into the accident. Meanwhile, information from authorities suggested that the vessel had received instructions to undergo repairs as it was failed inspections several times.

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