Video: South Korea Starts Looking For Missing Crew Members After A Fishing Boat Capsizes

Nine individuals were missing after a fishing vessel reportedly capsized off the southwest coast of South Korea on Sunday, authorities informed, with the president of the country urging stepped-up rescue and search efforts.

The coast guard mentioned the fishing boat overturned on Saturday before midnight, with three crew members picked up by rescuers.

Video Credits: Arirang News / YouTube

A video published by the coast guard reflected a rescue boat was approaching the fishing vessel that had overturned, with three crew members in the water close to the red hull.

Coast guard vessels were reportedly scouring the area for nine others, and the President, Yoon Suk-year, ordered other civil and naval resources to assist, his office mentioned in a statement.

Toward late January, Chinese officials mentioned that at least eight individuals were reported dead after a cargo vessel sank between Japan and South Korea.

References: The Print, Reuters

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