Video: Procedure for Ships Transiting High Risk Area With Armed Guards

Ship’s transiting high risk areas involves a series of drills, additional watchkeeping procedures and loads of stress. Though the number of piracy attacks have gone down, ships are still being attacked in and around high risk areas.

Considering the importance of drills and armed guards on board ships today, master mariner Venkataraman Rajagopal has made an educational video showing the procedure for preparing the ship and its crew for passing through high risk areas.

Image for representation purpose only – Credits: Venkataraman Rajagopal/YouTube

Video: Piracy Area Transit With Armed Maritime Guards

About the Author

mastermariner Venkataraman Rajagopal was a master mariner in command of VLCC’s before stepping ashore. His hobbies includes composing music and making educational training videos in tune with the demand of present day shipping standards.


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  1. This is a very good video with one glaring omission. BMP4 requests that in the event of any piracy attack or probable attack, whether successful or not, that the FIRST call by the Master is to UKMTO in Dubai. This vital step is omitted in the video, giving the impression that it is not required. IT IS REQUIRED , whether or not there is a security team in board. Accordingly this video is giving a misleading message. Shame, as otherwise it is excellent.

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