Video: Over 300 Migrants From Sri Lanka Held In Vietnam Following Dramatic High-Seas Rescue

Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry mentioned that more than 300 migrants who had been rescued on the high seas between the Philippines and Vietnam are being held at a facility near the Vung Tau province of Vietnam.

A spokesperson associated with the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry mentioned that members of the Sri Lankan Mission based in Vietnam would visit the area, inquire into the group’s condition, and try extracting more information.

Vietnamese Coast Guard vessels on Tuesday (8) reportedly rescued more than 300 suspected illegal migrants from Sri Lanka, including many children, who were at risk, drifting on the high seas between Vietnam and the Philippines when their vessel had broken down.

Video Credits: Newsfirst Sri Lanka

A rescue ship from Vietnam was docked alongside a boat from Japan to bring over 300 citizens of Sri Lanka, including distressed children, ashore on Tuesday (8).

Per reports from Vietnam, the Coast Guard Vessel 413, belonging to the Center for Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Area 3, approached the fishing boat dubbed LADY R3311.

Per information received from a Ba Ria border guard commander – in Vung Tau province, at 6 pm on 6 November, when the fishing boat eventually reached the Truong Sa archipelago, it unexpectedly broke down and started drifting into the sea; the vessel sent out a distress call.

Truong Sa archipelago is a zone bordered by the Philippines and Vietnam, and it’s unusual for Sri Lanka’s economic migrants to use this route to enter a third country.

On 7 November, the Japanese cargo vessel Helios Leader, en route to Singapore from Japan, reportedly approached the distressed boat and helped bring 305 citizens from Sri Lanka and sailors on board. Then they proceeded toward Vung Tau, where the Coast Guard of Vietnam reportedly met it.

The Vietnamese functional forces reportedly boarded the Heros Leader Vessel, a vehicle carrier anchored off the Vung Tau coast to receive over 300 Sri Lankans, including children.
It is mentioned that the crew members, fortunately, saved the Sri Lankans on the Herios Leader Vessel.

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