Video: Missile Hit Turkish Vessel In Ukraine’s Kherson Port   

A Turkish-owned general cargo vessel was reportedly struck by a missile at the port of Kherson, sparking a fire, per the video footage captured from the scene and shipping sources.

The missile, on Tuesday, reportedly hit the bridge of the vessel dubbed Tuzla, maritime security firm Ambrey mentioned, causing the fire. Video footage reflected flames filling the vessel’s command room.

Reuters could confirm the location from the vessels and buildings seen in the video, which matched satellite imagery of the zone. Reuters couldn’t confirm the date on which the videos were shot.

Source: nexta_tv/Twitter

The vessel reportedly stuck at the port since February 2022 (February), was run by Cayeli Shipping. 

A shipping source mentioned that there are 12 Turkish vessels trapped in ports of Ukraine, including in Kherson, that aren’t covered by the Black Sea grain deal that the UN brokers.

There was an attack on 24 January, most likely on the port, and an explosive charge seems to have hit the vessel. The source mentioned that a skeleton crew operates Turkish vessels currently in Kherson, so there aren’t any injuries or casualties.

References: Yahoo News, The Print, Salt Wire

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