Video: Japanese Coast Guard Vessel Runs Aground In Japan Sea

Japan’s coast guard patrol vessel, Echigo, has reportedly run aground off the Niigata Prefecture in the waters of the Sea of Japan.

Echigo, which reportedly has a displacement capacity of 3,100 tons and measures about 105 meters in length, ran aground on Wednesday and was impaired as an oil slick developed around the vessel, per reports from Japanese TV.

Per the report, there were 43 individuals on board, and nobody was hurt.

Source: Nippon TV News 24 Japan/YouTube

Why the incident happened is currently unknown, the media mentioned. At the same time, it was revealed that the accident site was shallow and raining when the incident occurred.  Wind gusts in the area also reached 40 kilometres each hour.

This is the second such incident in Japan in the past eight days. On 10 January, the Inazuma destroyer of Japan’s maritime self-defence force reportedly lost control by striking rocks on the seabed close to the country’s western prefecture based in Yamaguchi.

References: NHK World Japan, Udru Point, Sputnik News

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