Video: Indonesian Navy’s Landing Ship Caught Fire, All Crew Safely Evacuated

A fire broke out on Indonesian Navy’s landing vessel, KRI Teluk Hading, on 3rd June in the Flores Sea, about nine nautical miles off the coast of Bira, Southeast South Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Video Credits: Memontum Online 

The ship was on a patrol mission within the territorial waters of Indonesia. It had 119 people, including 62 crew and 57 Army Troopers.

This happened at around 14:00 local time on Saturday when the ship was engaged in its routine operations close to the Selyar Islands. It all started with a blaze ignited in the ship’s engine room.

Some navy ships and 2 Good Samaritan ships came to the area later to assist. Navy officials mentioned that the crew were all safely evacuated within 30 minutes of the fire igniting and that the landing ship was towed to the closest port.

The vessel’s crew were brought onboard a tug; fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The Indonesian Vessel Teluk Hading is the older Cottbus, operated by East Germany’s Volksmaine navy between 1978-1990.

It was acquired by the Indonesian Government in 1993. It can accommodate 14 tanks, one troop mariner and a complement of 46 individuals. It is armed with several guns, such as Bofors.

Reference: fleetmon

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