Video: How Anti-Ship Missiles Destroyed Apartments In Ukraine

Last week the world woke up to a terrible video of an apartment building in Ukraine being targeted by Russians. British Intelligence discovered that the Russians used an anti-ship missile from the ‘60s for this purpose.

The missile in question is quite deadly as it is highly inaccurate and can go off target when used on land. So far, dozens have been killed in the attack while many remain trapped under the rubble. 

The Russians used a Kh-22 missile to attack the apartment in Dnipro, which injured 79 and killed 45. 300 apartment units were destroyed in the process.


Source: News 19 WLTX/YouTube

As per Ukrainian officials, the anti-ship missile was part of the Tupolev Tu22M3 backfire bombers launched during the Cold War, while NATO calls it an AS-4 Kitchen missile. 

The 2000-pound warhead missile moves with the help of a ship-detecting radar that recognizes aircraft carrier ships in a water background. So, it can’t differentiate targets on land and often mistakenly targets office and residential buildings.

References: Business Insider, Yahoo News


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