Video: Fishing Vessel in Heavy Storm, Dangerous Job For Crew

Watch the video showing the crew of a fishing vessel working in heavy weather, as the waves splashes over the deck.

It might be a normal day for some of these guys, but to layman or people working on other types of ships, this definitely looks dangerous and tough.

men work in overhauling storm

Watch the video as the huge waves splashes onto the ship while the crew tries to haul the fishing net.

Is this a normal day on fishing vessels? Have you experience such heavy ways? Let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy.

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  1. As an ex trawler man of 14 yrs, yes it’s a normal day, depending on where you are fishing. Not always that rough, but still quite normal to work in those conditions.
    Can be dangerous, but with the right crew the danger can be managed!

  2. Its also the Super-trawler Class. When the trawler its been built for work outside 200 miles of economic waters. They work on that weather normally (of course you had to be alerta even at 0300 am.).
    The challenge come when you use a trawler buit for inside 200 miles for fishing outside 200 miles /e.waters). That weather and the wait of 80 tons of fish can broke a cable and cut you in half..and the sea can take you await for ever. Some boats stop fishing and wait for better weather.. Other keep working.:-) the sailors gods.

  3. For me, an Icelander with 30 years experince at sea, this is not a bad wether, in the winter time on Icelandic fishingrounds, this is more everyday wether, bad wether is when you have to look up high to see the waves, in this video, it´s a kind of foolish hauling the gear with the stern straight in to the wind and waves

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