Video: Eight Seafarers Rescued As Cargo Ship Sinks Off Taiwan

A general cargo vessel has recently sunk in the waters of the Taiwan Strait, but its eight crew members were successfully rescued.

PTS, the Taiwanese broadcaster, said on Monday an unnamed Mongolia-flag vessel had begun taking on water via a hole in the bottom of the hull.

The vessel gave a distress call when it was 90 nm toward the west of Kaohsiung, capsizing later on to the port side.

Source: PTS/YouTube 

The seafarers, wearing lifejackets, fell into the sea, but Taiwan’s Coast Guard helicopters soon came to the rescue, winching the crew members to safety. The vessel sank fast, PTS reported.

One of the crew members was rushed to the hospital as he was suffering from severe hypothermia.

Video footage reflects seafarers gathered at the vessel’s stern as it lists.

One is then seen to be lifted into a chopper from what seems like a couple of lifeboats.

An examination of the accident has been started.

AIS data reflects that the most likely candidate is the 1,600-dwt Sunshine, the ex-Hao Feng that was out of range on 15 January, halted in the Taiwan Strait.

NCS Properties of Malaysia owns the vessel. The Sunshine was last detained after a port state control examination in 2019 with about 17 deficiencies.

Causes for detention included faults with the emergency fire pump, charts, lifeboats, and also weather-tight cargo ports and doors.

References: Maritime Bulletin, Safety4Sea, TradeWinds

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