Video: Pilot Boat Approaches At High Speed, Bangs The Ship

A pilot boat is supposed to gently come alongside the ship which the pilot needs to board, considering all the safety and navigational aspects required for safe transfer of the pilot.

But here’s a strange video of a pilot boat which surprisingly approaches at high speed and hits the ship hard before getting alongside.

pilot boat

The crew (or probably the pilot) on the boat also realises the upcoming collision and take necessary precaution to prevent going overboard.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy.

Do you have more information on the incident? Let’s know.

Who is at fault? What do you think?

Reference: Yury Rozhinskiy

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  1. Marine insight people should be more carefull and not try to impress or attract visitors by false comments.This is js not a serious incident at all!

  2. It’s maybe a little rough but it’s like this all the time. They come alongside and the pilot boards.

  3. skipper of the pilot boat seems to misjudge his turning circle, was he distracted and couldn’t recover the turn quickly enough? Defo the skipper pilot boat in error as he has the more manoeuvring capabilities than the coaster. I didn’t notice any real fenders on the catermeran either…

  4. Appears to be one of the german swats, they are only fender at the sides several bid/square ones and normal tube fenders.
    Difficult to say but the seam to proceed a bit on the slow side. Boarding and optimum manoeuvring speed for the swat is 10kn/w. Therr is a misjudgement. They normally start turning a bit further off or swinging just behind jou and overtake you.

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