Video: Coast Guard Keeping An Eye On Russian Ship Off Hawaii Coast

Tension is brewing along the coast of the Hawaiian Islands as a Russian intelligence-gathering ship has been sailing in the area for the past couple of weeks, a situation closely monitored by the US Coast Guard. 

The Coast Guard always coordinates with the Defense Department regarding the vigilance of such foreign military vessels, as they are not allowed in the area as per international maritime norms. 

The ship in question is being monitored by air and surface assets so that the ship doesn’t hamper free movement in the Blue Pacific.

Source: KHON2 News/YouTube 

Earlier in 2019, a similar incident happened when the coast guard found a Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov loitering in an unsafe manner along the US coast. The ship didn’t communicate with other vessels nearby and wasn’t using running lights despite travelling in a low visibility area, making it prone to accidents. 

References: CNN, Homeland Security Today


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