Video: Chinese Navy Showing Off A Huge New Vessel Designed To Transport Other Warships

The state television reported that China’s navy’s new heavy-lift vessel is currently ferrying other ships in trials as the People’s Liberation Army ramps up rescue capability and warship projection.

The Yinmahu, with hull number 834, reportedly ran ship transport trials on travelling for nearly 1,000 nm to many undisclosed locations, CCTV highlighted on Thursday.

It was an uncommon revelation regarding the PLA Navy’s semi-submersible and heavy-lift vessels that could be crucial in transporting ships and equipment or rescuing impaired vessels during a war. It could be a makeshift dock for urgent, unforeseen on-site repairs.

Video Credits: ShanghaiEye魔都眼 / Youtube

Footage also reflected Yinmahu’s departure, submerging, lifting, ship loading, and heavy transporting. The state media report further mentioned that the vessel overcame a relatively short preparation time, long distances, and bad weather to finish the trial of loading many items as well as transfer missions.

The state TV report mentioned that the training tested the capability of the semi-submersible ship in terms of accurate delivery and multidimensional support in a condition close to actual combat.

It not simply enhanced the vessel’s long-distance delivery capacity but expanded the high-sea delivery range from its proximity to unfamiliar waters, ranging from general to extreme conditions.

It’s, until now, the first public disclosure regarding the Yinmahu, which is the second of its kind. China’s navy’s first heavy-lift vessel, the Donghaidao, entered service back in 2015.

The semi-submersible heavy-lift vessel can transport ships weighing more than 100,000 tons. On adjusting the ballast water, it submerges the cargo deck to help yet another vessel float atop.

It drains the ballast, floats, and then lifts the load, permitting it to transport the vessel. The procedure is repeated to unload cargo.

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