Video and Photos: A Look Inside Teekay’s Arendal Spirit

After the successful completion of acceptance tests in June, Arendal Spirit became home for many offshore workers. The unit is currently in Brazil at Campos Basin on a three-year contract with Petrobras. Since our first Letter of Intent (LOI) acquisition announcement last year, we have seen the first unit for maintenance and safety come to life. From its first mocks, to the sea trials in China and the vessel being lifted onto a heavy loader, we have seen the successful development of the unit and it is now time to have a look inside.

Arendal Spirit was built on Sevan Marine’s innovative cylindrical hull design providing a stable platform with high uptime, better stability and excellent motion characteristics. The vessel contains 500 beds in 248 cabins with en-suite bathrooms, daylight windows, television, internet and telephone connections. Additionally, the unit counts with lounge areas, coffee shop, television and game room, fitness room, dining room, office areas, meeting/conference room and cinema.

Gymnasium - Credits:
Gymnasium – Credits:
Cabin -Credits:
Cabin -Credits:
First Aid Room - Credits:
First Aid Room – Credits:
Meeting Room - Credits:
Meeting Room – Credits:
Dining Room - Credits:
Dining Room – Credits:
Bridge - Credits:
Bridge – Credits:
Kitchen - Credits:
Kitchen – Credits:
Computer Room - Credits:
Computer Room – Credits:
Conference Room - Credits:
Conference Room – Credits:
Control Room - Credits:
Control Room – Credits:

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