Video: 77-Year-Old Legendary Vessel Sent To Be Scrapped

A three-masted tall vessel used in films, including Count of Monte-Cristo, Treasure Island, and Alice in Wonderland, has been sent to the scrapyard after spending eight decades on the water.

The Earl of Pembroke was constructed in Sweden in 1945, dubbed Orion, and was used to haul timber in the waters of the Baltic Sea until it was laid up in 1974 in Denmark.

The 44.2-meter vessel was later shifted in 1980 to the U.K., where restoration started in 1985 with the film work in mind. The restoration witnessed the rig change to a bark type from a schooner to resemble HMS Endeavour of Captain Cook more. The vessel was renamed Earl of Pembroke as a homage to HMS Endeavour‘s original title.

Video Credits: R . A.S. / YouTube

The vessel was featured in several movies, including Treasure Island, Shipwrecked, Alice in Wonderland, Count of Monte-Cristo, and Cloud Atlas. It appeared at festivals like the Liverpool Maritime Festival and Southampton Boat Show.

In 2017, the vessel was sold again by Metaco LLP to Scarlet Sails Ltd.

Recently, the vessel had reportedly been docked in Holland’s Den Helder. However, per local Dutch media, the current owners could not meet the vessel’s maintenance costs.

References: Western Telegraph, Marine Industry News

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