Time-Lapse Videos Show Coast Guard Making Track For Freighter Stuck In Ice

Two Time-lapse videos prepared by the crew members aboard the freighter James R. Barker showed the US Coast Guard making way for the vessel in the icy St. Mary’s River.

The 1,000-foot and 40-year-old freighter was stuck in the frozen riverfor about an hour until the Coast Guard’s Cutter Mackinaw assisted the vessel to continue its travel to the destination in the Indiana Harbor.

The video, which was posted by Benjamin Feinman, a Deck Officer & Relief Captain with Interlake Steamship Company, showed the Coast Guard cutter travelling back and forth along one side of the vessel in order to widen the opening by breaking ice.

Kevin Davis, one of the crew members of James R. Barker, said the Coast Guard team was ahead of them making a track and they came back and made a relief cut, then backed up again and continued, MLive.com reported.

The freighter later moved through the path cleared by the Cutter Mackinaw, however got stuck a second time for about half an hour before reaching the Indiana Harbor.

Another time lapse video, shared on Instagram by crew member Jake Kopras, revealed a detailed journey of James R. Barkerthrough the icy river.

A video posted by J Kopras (@jkobra18) on

The St. Mary’s River, located between Michigan and Ontario, flows from Lake Superior into Lake Huron.

According to crewmembers, freighters often seek help from the Coast Guard in these days as this year has been particularly icy after a mild 2015-16 winter.

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