Three Seafarers Dead In Italy Following A Container Explosion On An Offshore Supply Vessel

A container explosion reportedly took the lives of three seafarers and injured one at the Port of Crotone in Italy on 31 August.

The accident occurred on a working deck of offshore supply vessel ASSO within a container during welding activities.

The vessel was about to depart for Malta. Immediately local land fire teams and tugs were deployed, and the fire was extinguished within two hours.

Video Credits: Corriere della Sera / YouTube

Per the rescue team, a fourth seafarer was rushed to hospital as he suffered severe injuries, while a fifth seafarer was rescued and reported to be in confusion.

No other seafarers were reported missing.

An investigation has started identifying the primary causes behind the accident. The welding machine and technical components that may be fruitful for investigations have already been seized.

References: Indian Shipping News, Safety4 Sea

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