Shocking Video: Spanish Navy Rams Greenpeace Boats, Knocks Activist Overboard

Checkout the shocking video showing Spanish Navy boats ramming Greenpeace boats and knocking one of the Greenpeace activists into the water with a broken leg.

Greenpeace activists from the Arctic Sunrise went on small boats to protest the drilling vessel. The Spanish authorities reacted violently, deliberately ramming the boats and putting the lives of peaceful activists at risk.

It’s another reminder of the lengths governments will go to protect the oil industry from peaceful protesters.

At stake are two of the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura and Lanzarote), Spanish islands off the coast of Morocco. A company called Repsol has been given a permit to drill there, despite the risks to the ecology and tourist economy. Greenpeace Spain sided with island locals in opposing this drilling, but their warnings about safety and legal issues have so far been ignored by the Spanish government.

The 23 year old Italian who was knocked overboard and had her leg broken, has been taken to a hospital on shore by a navy helicopter, and is in good condition.

Another activist was treated on board the Arctic Sunrise for minor cuts.

This is first protest by Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, since it was boarded in international waters and held for over 300 days in Russian custody, following a protest opposing Gazprom’s oil drilling in the Arctic. After winning the release of the ship, it was brought to Amsterdam, Netherlands for repairs and now it is back at work.

Watch the video below:


NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy. The article has been republished from the Greenpeace Blog. Marine Insight does not endorse the views expressed in the article.

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  1. peaceful protesters?? have you seen greenpeace at work? nothing peaceful about them. if they came to your place of work and threw eggs and rock and smoke grenades and paint bombs at your office youd also be quite angry. thats what normally happens when greenpeace “peacefully protests” . like parking their boat in front of workers is going to stop the drilling. if they were serious , they would be protesting at repsols office , in court and with the spanish parliament. they are a bunch of attention seeking wankers. i hope their boat sinks , again.

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