Raw Video: Ship Crashes Into Dock and Then Smashes Into Another Ship

Here’s a rare video of a ship smashing into the dock and then hitting another ship which was already berthed.

It seems the captain lost the control of the ship or there was some serious machinery failure which made the ship go haywire.

What do you think happened here? Let’s know in the comments below.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy.

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  1. I understand Things like this happend, but I am surprised nobody pushed the emergency stop button for main engine or shut off valves for fuel consuption. Maybe those safety items was out of service?

  2. The master (and possibly the rest of the crew) could have been drunk, fallen overboard, or for some other reason, incapacitated.
    I didn’t see anybody on deck otherwise they would have attempted to get lines ashore. The quality also wasn’t quite good enough to see if anybody was in the wheelhouse.
    If somebody was in there they could have operated the emergency stops, steered away, or if anybody was down below then maybe they could have operated the emergency quick closing fuel valves, or somehow starved the engine of fuel/air.
    There are a multitude of options available and it appears that none of those options were taken that is why it seems so baffling.

  3. I just watched again and noticed the crew on deck. Why didn’t they try to get ropes ashore.
    Still completely baffling!

  4. The accident may be occurred due to un sufficient control on wheel and changing of power to port & starboard and untrained Master.

  5. 2 words.

    EM’cy procedures for situation like steering failure or power uncontroled, look’s nobody knows what to do, specialy EM’CY STOP for fuel system.

  6. 1.The master was drunk or not well trained.
    2.Not sufficient time to continue the power of failured eqipment or the emergency system was out of service
    3.Arguement was going on among the crews

  7. I think they had a fuel line leak with fuel spewing into the turbine, resulting in a runaway engine. Emergency fuel shutoff valve, or pumping water into the day tank (fuel),,, water is heavier than fuel, and would hit the lines and shut down the engines 🙂

  8. Seems clear that at least two problems were occurring:
    1) In the wheelhouse the Master was eithr incapacitated or for some other reason unable to stop his engines.
    2) The remainder of the complement were either too stupefied or insufficiently competent to take control from the engineroom or to operate the emergency stop.

    The only other possible scenario is that one or more persons on board had taken control of the vessel by force and were seeking to inflict as much damage as possible. Again, a competent crew would be able to stop engines from the engineroom or emergency stop from the bridge. Seems unlikely.

  9. Strange situation plus lack of training, nobody at forecasttle to drop the anchor at least, engine was running all the time so they didnt stop it emergency stop malfunctioning? Direct aproach to the pier instead of turning at safe distance stearing gear failing too? Why not even try an engine ahead the other astern to try to turn, I think none was at bridge or was imcapable to perform their duties crew at deck useless no action seen. Somebody owes a lot of explanations to company, authorities, insurance wouldn’t like to be in his shoes.

  10. This is what happens when the bridge is unmanned!!!! No one to stop the engines!!!

  11. I don’t know what happened but sometimes it happens that when you get a runaway engine that it gets so hot it starts to run on its lube oil. So shutting off the fuel lines or whatever emergency stop doesn’t help much.. We had it with a Volvo Penta engine, runaway like grazy and got so hot it kept running after closing the fuel lines. The only thing in mind they tried down there was to shut of the air intake. But it did “eat” everything what they put aroind the air-intake like plasting bags and whatever they had lying around. Didn’t do anything.. On a moment the engine got this hot that the exhaust got completely white and you could almost look trough it! So the got out off yhe engineroom and waited for the Bang. Afterwards there was a lot of hot scrapnel lying around the engineroom and some massive holes in the engine block.
    That was only a 300Hp engine, don’t wanna be near a runaway engine from a tugboat!!

  12. hydraulics failure. No rudder or reversing control as a consequence.
    And poorly trained crew.

  13. I think crew dosnt know how to declutch the Engine or somebody must have done some foolishness causes this accident. Some times this could happens by mistakenly…but then what was Chief Engineer or Master doing?

  14. No ropes would help here and deck crew would get injured. Could it be that he lost steering and commands at the same time?!?!

  15. This vessel was failure on MSB and ESB. Everything was not functioning including the steering gear and engine control.
    All crew panic and don’t know what to do.

  16. Dear friends,
    All of you wrote very good comments. And I agree with you.
    I would say one thing, we spend a major part of our time on board to check and manage safety and security.
    We have sailed for years, if a crazy thing like that happened, crew is not the only responsible…
    Best maritime thoughts.

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