Real Video: Two Bulk Carrier Ships Collision in the Aegean Sea

Two bulk carries, Catherine (Maltese flagged)  and Baru Satu (Panamanian flagged), on July 3 collided in the Aegean Sea in the Strait Kafirea, seven nautical miles south-west of Andros.

The Ships have remained locked after the collision and there are no reports of a bunker spill as a result of the incident.

Damage to the cargo ship Catherine resulted in water ingress through a hole on the port side, while Baru Satu suffered bow damage, also resulting in water ingress.

ship collision in Aegean sea
Two Ships After Collision

Post- ship collision, a video of the ships was put online, revealing the dilapidated condition of the ships.

Nine of the 23 crew members of the CATHERINE boarded on a port police float boat and were transferred to Karystos for safety reasons. No crew members of both the ships have been injured.

ship condition
Condition of the Ships

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