Raw Video: US $2.7 Million Luxury Boat Sinks During Launching

In September 2011,  a luxury boat worth US$2.7 m was launched in Gansu, China. Unfortunately, it sank while being launched.

The SS Jiugang luxury boat during trials capsized  amid much fanfare on the banks of the Yellow River in Shenchuan Village, China. The luxury boat sank stern first as soon as it entered the water, becoming hopelessly submerged in the Yellow River.


Later “SS Jiugang” was pulled ashore, with no death or injuries. According to reports, the boat became stranded in the water during launching due to improper handling from the builders who mistakenly estimated the water level causing the water level to exceed the limit. The boat apparently sat submerged in the river for four days before it was finally grounded. Officials wrenched the boat out of the water in October and brought it in for repair.

Watch the accident video below:

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