Raw Video : Tug Boat Almost Tips Over While Towing a Ship

A tug boat almost tips over while towing a ship, forcing the men on the tug to jump overboard.

Though there is not much information on the video, the incident seems to have taken place in Australia according to the information provided by the uploader.


Watch the video below:

If you have any information on the incident, do let us know in the comments below. What do you think must have gone wrong?

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  1. The towed vessel was underway, It should have a minimum speed or stopped completely. This is the main reason nothing else.

  2. While being Towed astern you always have the towline Gogged down as far aft as Possible, also when you are Towing with a long Scope of towline out you should Have the towline Gogged down, if another Vessel runs over your Tow, you will end up getting into a Situation like this, As for any pilot telling you what to do, You the Master is in Control and Command at all Times, a Pilot is only there to Advise.

  3. The most Dangerous situation is when, like this video shown, the ship towed by a tug put the engine ahead and the tug is stil towing meanwhile the towing line works abeam the tug beleive this is a very wrong and Dangerous position, because the propeller washing the bottom site of the tug and the line pull it. As said the Captn. R.D. Owen on his comment, before to put the engine ahead the pilot must check tug position and receive OK from master’s tug.

  4. I think while entering in a narrow channel or river Aft tug holding Qurater to Stbd side but did failed to control the tug, he did failed to adjust power by throtal, and for this purpose speed less than three knots in not in favor for this practice, it’s his luck that the line broken or cut out otherwise no chance of any survival of crew too, stay blessed all Seafarer,,. But I saw in this tug was connected by stern towing winch, definitely pilot mistake here, why he not confirmed the tug status, but one thing more tug winch relasing failed due to emergency hook releasing wire, it may be broken too

  5. Video was taken in Melbourne Australia. I can see the West Gate Bridge, Webb Dock and Newport Power Station in the background. Vessel leaving port

  6. This a very old video from the mid 90s. The vessel is the now named HMAS Warramunga and it was during sea trial during construction. It was the first time a navy crew had not been used for sea trials and there was a lot of confusion on the bridge and the disconnect was missed. The flight deck was yelling to the quarter deck below to disconnect The bridge was increasing to 12knots and the inevitable breach of the tug occurred. The quarter deck leading hand cut the line with an axe when he saw what was happening. There were two crewmen on the tugboat that jumped and were recovered unhurt. A full investigation was conducted by the Royal Australian Navy.

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